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Yahoo! Looking To Partner with Old Media

  • NY Times, Monday, January 30, 2006 1:26 PM

Don't be surprised to hear Yahoo! announce partnerships with a few old media companies in the near future. According to a New York Times article, like Google, the Internet media giant is looking to expand its online content by making old media available on its Web site. As Dan Rosensweig, Yahoo's COO, says, "we're going to be a great partner to the media companies." Or a great competitor--especially as the likes of News Corp. continue to hedge its bets on the Web as the future of entertainment by scooping up emerging companies like MySpace. In fact, as more media companies jump on the new media bandwagon Yahoo! could one day face competition from the same telecom companies it now partners with in providing Internet service. However, given his stellar five-year record, it would be unwise to underestimate Yahoo! Chief Terry Semel, who has seen the company grow from a bubble burst-ed $12.6 billion market cap to around $50 billion today. On his watch, the former Warner Bros. man has seen Yahoo! develop into the most diversified company on the Web, generating revenues from Internet service partnerships, premium content services, music services and display and search advertising. 





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