Substack's 20 Most Profitable Newsletters In Terms Of Paid Subscribers

Substack's most profitable newsletters are ranked on a leaderboard based on the number of paid subscribers. Only one exceeds circulation of 1 million.  

The newsletters and their subscriber totals on Substack are as follows:

  1. Letters from an American—1.4 million 
  2. Lenny’s Newsletter—600,000 
  3. The Pragmatic Engineer—500,000 
  4. Racket News—404,000 
  5. The North Star with Shaun King—345,000 
  6. Robert Reich—319,000 
  7. Outside Voices—311,000 
  8. Popular Information—303,000
  9. Steady (by Dan Rather)—391,000 
  10. House Inhabit—293,000 
  11. The Bulwark—279,000 
  12. Unreported Truths—245,000
  13. Your Local Epidemiologist—224,000
  14. Noahpinion—184,000 
  15. The Weekly Dish—158,000
  16. The Isolation Journals—155.000 
  17. Slow Boring—123,000 
  18. Huddle Up—121,000 
  19. Tipping Point Prophecy Update—119,000
  20. The Martyr Made Substack—85,000



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