'Popular Science' To Relaunch Its YouTube Channel With Vsauce2 Team

Popular Science has hired Kevin Lieber and Matthew Tabor, formerly of Vsauce2, to relaunch its YouTube channel. 

The channel debuted on Wednesday with the first episode of The Technology Show. The opener explores the 40-year-old “Butler in a Box” device that preceded today’s smart home gadgets.  

In addition, there is a short feature on the evolution of trepanning from the Neolithic era to our own time.  

The relaunched YouTube channel will complement the brand’s on-site and newsletter content and podcast. 

Lieber and Tabor reportedly helped Vsauce2 accumulate 4.5 million subscribers and nearly 800 million views. 

“To mix Popular Science’s 150-plus-year-old legacy with the engaging video storytelling style of Vsauce2 was a fantastic opportunity for our brand and audiences,” says Annie Colbert, editor in chief.   



Last year, Popular Science stopped publishing its digital magazine, the print edition having been halted three years before. But it still offered content on its website, including articles and video, the New York Times reported. 

“There’s a phenomenal legacy here that has always strived to make science more accessible to everyone,” Lieber says. We’re looking forward to building on that while telling the type of stories in a way that resonates with new and existing viewers.”






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