'Arizona Highways' Magazine May Be Put Up For Sale

Arizona Highways magazine, a nearly 100 year-old magazine run by the Arizona Department of Transportation, may soon be up for sale. 

A bill that would allow private companies to bid on the magazine has been introduced by   according to 3TV/CBS 5.

The magazine generated a net income of $155,000 that was funneled into the state’s Enterprise Fund. In addition, it has driven $43.1 million in tourism-related revenue for businesses. 

The subscription total now stands at 107,339, down from 110,309 in 2023. Biasiucci claims this does not give the magazine a chance in the social media world. But Rep. Betty Villegas, a Democrat, is against the bill, saying the magazine is “a staple of Arizona. I consider it a treasure.”

Biasiucci agrees – up to a point. 

“We love Arizona magazine,” he says, 3TV/CBS 5 continues. “I think everyone can agree.”



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