Poll: 71% Of GenZ/Millennials Are Cancelling Streamers Due To Tiering

For years many subscribers have been “cutting the cord” and canceling pay cable subscriptions given the high cost—often in favor of picking up less expensive internet streaming services. 

But new research from Stagwell’s Harris Poll finds that now many households worry that they are spending too much on streaming services, which have proliferated in the last few years as studios and other content providers have invested to compete with Netflix and Amazon Prime in the streaming sector.  

According to the poll, which was commissioned by Tubi, Americans spend an average of $119.76 monthly on streaming video services – more than the $112.11 they spend monthly on gas. 



53% of Gen Z and Millennials believe they’re overspending on streaming and 71% say they are canceling due to tiered memberships that force them to pay more to access certain content. 

Conversely, 48% of Gen Z and Millennials feel pressure to stream current TV shows to stay abreast of pop culture. 74% prefer original programming over remakes or franchised content. 

And 56% stream one to three hours of programming in one sitting, while 40% stream three or more hours at a time. 

Download the full study here.  

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