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Noodles and Company Brings Back Steak Stroganoff, Thanks Fans For Support

Sometimes you just have to give the people what they want.

Noodles & Company recently announced the limited-time return of one of their top selling dishes, Steak Stroganoff.

The homecoming of the fast casual chain’s meaty dish was based on fan demand posted on social media. To show fan appreciation, Noodles will personally thank each poster – via social media – who requested the return.

The online social effort was created by Fortnight Collective. The chain’s wide array of response messages includes short notes to custom gifs and even a “mean tweet” video from the CMO.

“You asked to bring back steak strog,” begins one post in response to users who’ve asked about the dish multiple times. “And you asked again. And again… And again. Well, we heard you. Steak Stroganoff is back on.”



Another reads, “Your voice brought it back and your mouth will thank you.”

Dozens of fans will receive custom gifs the day the promotion begins. “Steak Stroganoff is now Steak StroganON,” animated copy reads as the ON lights up like neon. “For fans like you, consider it done… It’s ON starting today.”

Stacey Pool, Noodles CMO, said, “Over the years, more guests have asked us to put Steak Stroganoff back to the Noodles menu than any other food item, and we listened. Uncommon goodness is woven into every bite—we brought back a coveted, delectable dish that’s full of robust flavor and nostalgia.”

The Stroganoff dish falls under Noodles & Co.’s Goodness Guarantee program, which encourages guests to step outside their comfort zones and try something new. If they don't love their entree, it can be exchanged for a different dish on the menu at no cost.

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