Satin and Supplements: OLLY and Overnight Beauty Blend Brands

Brand partnering has been a key theme recently at MediaPost’s Insider Summits. As customer acquisition costs soar, it makes sense that companies try to draft off of one another’s existing customer bases. In fact a few curious co-brand combos have been hatched at our retreats. One of them aligned the sleep, wellness and beauty brand Overnight Beauty, with the vitamin and supplements company OLLY.

Overnight Beauty is a novel invention of founder Ruthie McCombs, which enhances sleep and works on your beauty while you are snoozing. OLLY may be familiar to many shoppers at major retailers for their brightly packaged supplements packaging. 

How do silk and supplements work together? Ruthie and OLLY’s Jennifer Peters, Senior Manager of eCommerce will be joining us at the Brand Insider Summit: CPG in a couple of weeks to share their experience. They joined us on Brand Insider this week to preview their appearance in May. You can listen to the entire podcast at this link.

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