Mediavine Works With Sertify To Help Advertisers Find Diverse-Owned Publications

Ad management firm Mediavine has formed a strategic partnership with Sertify to certify diverse publishers in Mediavine’s Uplift marketplace.  

The goal is to ensure “a greater allocation of media funds towards more publishers who have been historically underrepresented," says Dennis Tze, co-founder of Sertify.

Uplift connects publishers with advertisers who want to spend on diversely-owned websites, including those claiming female, BIPOC, LGBTQ+, veteran and disability ownership. 

Mediavine helps diverse publishers prove identity and ownership and further increase their programmatic connection to advertisers. It claims that 11,000 publishers self-identify as diverse-owned businesses through Uplift.

“Certification can be a timely and expensive endeavor for publishers and Mediavine is excited to partner with Sertify to offer this solution to our diverse-owned content creators," comments Amanda Martin, SVP, monetization & business strategy at Mediavine.




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