PubMatic Partners With GroupM To Deliver Cookieless Ad Inventory

Technology company PubMatic is partnering with GroupM, the media investment group of WPP, to deliver cohort-based modeling capabilities for advertisers across multiple publishers, the companies say. 

The program utilizes a distributed AI model from Resolve, a Choreograph company.

The goal is to combine “PubMatic’s data and infrastructure with Resolve’s technology to deliver measurable advertising outcomes across cookieless inventory,” says Andrew Baron, senior vice president of addressability and marketplace at PubMatic.

The technology, integrated into the PubMatic SSP, uses impression-level data to generate privacy-compliant audience segments, PubMatic states.

“Upholding user privacy while simultaneously driving value for brands and publishers is of paramount importance in digital advertising,” Baron adds. 

PubMatic says it has been making investments for a few years to address the challenge of third-party cookie deprecation on Chrome. 



The company adds that 80% of the impressions on its platform provide alternative signals to third-party cookies, and it wants to close even that gap. 

Group M sees the new collaboration as “an opportunity to drive efficiency for clients by consolidating with fewer partners and strengthening our capabilities,” says Rory Latham, senior director of investment for Group M.

Latham adds that by “tapping into PubMatic’s vast range of capabilities and connections, we can enhance access to a triple-tiered selection of benefits including expanded addressability, refined data protection, and continued targeting precision even amid data access and regulatory challenges.” 

The offering utilizes demand-side tools to provide enhanced auction packages for advertisers, PubMatic claims.

While supplying full-scale inventory reach, it eliminates the need for ID matching: personal data is not moved or shared in the buying process. 

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