Beyond Bags on Shelves: Coach's Bold Stance on Experiential Retail

For a while now, it seems all we talked about was digital, digital, digital in retail. And while no one is downplaying the importance of e-commerce – online sales average about 15% of total US retail sales according to the US Census Bureau — there has been a resurgence of the in-store experience.

Shoppers don’t want to be tied behind a digital screen. They want to get out and see, touch, and feel the product before pulling out their credit card; they want the confidence that they’re making the right decision. And above all, people just want to be entertained. 

About five years ago, Coach recognized this trend and started launching immersive pop-ups around the globe to promote their brand and connect with younger generations. We sit down with Giovanni Zaccariello, SVP of Global Visual Experience at Coach, to hear how the iconic luxury brand mixes entertainment and stunning creative into their in-store experiences and activations. You can listed to the entire podcast at this link.



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