Viant Program Would Make Programmatic Supply Chain Sustainable

Adtech company Viant Technology Inc. has expanded its sustainability program, Adtricity, in an effort to make the programmatic advertising carbon-neutral. 

The goal is to ensure that ad campaigns done through Viant’s demand-side platform are powered by renwable energy.

The initiative includes Viant’s entire programmatic supply chain, including supply-side platform (SSP) and publisher emissions, the company says.  

To prove sustainability, Viant is launching a “Carbon Label,” a green leaf icon, that will appear on digital ads. This will reassure ad buyers that the ad was delivered with renewalable energy, it claims.  

“By neutralizing 100% of the carbon emissions across our supply chain, we are leading the way for marketers to reduce the emissions of their digital ad campaigns,” says Tim Vanderhook, co-founder and CEO of Viant Technology.

Vanderhook adds, “Our Carbon Label on digital ads signifies that these ads are delivered through the use of renewable energy, providing transparency and assurance to our clients.” 



It would seem that full industry adoption of the Carbon Label would be challenging. 

But it is receiving kudos for its effort. 

“Viant has shown exceptional innovation and leadership in driving carbon reduction in digital advertising,” says Rob Davis, president and CMO, Novus Media. “Starting with transforming client media investments into renewable energy credits, Viant has now expanded to tackle the entire supply chain’s decarbonization.”


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