DirecTV Advertising Starts 'Guaranteed Incremental Reach'

DirecTV Advertising -- a major proponent of addressable TV advertising -- now says it is offering “guaranteed incremental reach.”

A key concern of big brand advertisers continues to be finding more reach for media campaigns -- much of this due to declining reach of legacy linear TV platforms and networks.

DirecTV’s Addressable Reach-Frequency Optimization (RFO) technology combines the company’s proprietary data, viewership insights and addressable technology for advertisers to maximize reach, optimize frequency, and balance impression distribution against their TV campaigns.

Additionally -- as with other TV-based media sellers -- DirecTV is adding clean room technology, which is currently integrated with Amazon Web Services Clean Rooms, InfoSum, LiveRamp and Snowflake and will be expanding to other providers. 

Also, DirecTV Advertising says brands can now air “contextual” content deals without needing to rely on audience data by using inputs such as network, genre and rating. Advertisers can verify where their ads have run through multiple verification partners. Later this year DirectTV is offering series-level reporting through Publica by IAS.



Estimates from IPG Mediabrands’ Magna research/investment business say total TV addressable revenue will rise to $13.4 billion this year (from $10.9 billion a year ago). Set-top box addressable deals will grow 25% to $11.9 billion, with connected TV estimated to increase 8% to $1.5 billion.

Additionally, Amy Leifer, chief advertising sales officer at DirecTV Advertising, says in a release: "As the market shifts and more content is being consumed on CTV devices, we’ve transformed our business to be more digital and streaming-centric."

Earlier this year a survey by the company said one in three advertisers now considers addressable as a must-buy.

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  1. John Grono from GAP Research, June 6, 2024 at 10:07 p.m.

    Ed, you have raised a very salient issue.

    I am referring to two of your sentences ... "Search advertisers love this kind of deal as they don't care how often a user is bombarded with ads so long as some of them finally clickthrough. And they only pay per cliickthrough."

    Being an on-line consumer quite some time each day, yes I do get bombarded.   Yes, and the more I am bombarded, the more my propensity to NOTclickthrough increases exponentially.   Yes, the 'bombard strategy' may generate a sufficient level of sales, but what they do not see, or quantify, is how many recipients have become refusers.

    P.S.   I don't want to buy lipstick, bikinis, beer, exorbitant cars, motor cycles etc., so why send those ads to me on the off-chance.

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