It's 1984 All Over Again

It's been 40 years since what many consider to be the greatest TV commercial ever made -- Director Ridley Scott's "1984" spot that launched Apple's Mac computer -- aired (just once) and the ad industry continues to pay homage to it, including a new spot released today by Swedish tech startup Staccs, which evokes it with a couple of twists and a bit of humor.

It's cute and worth watching, and probably will get some attention for the new product it will launch on June 13 -- new versions of Stacc's free, ad-supported FAST channels dubbed "TV Throwback" and "TV Celebrate" -- in the U.K. oon Samsung's TV Plus platform.

"Throwback" ironically is not necessarily about a transformational new technology solution, but is more of a retro, nostalgic one: a FAST channel dedicated to music videos from the 1980s, 1990s and 2000s. Apparently, it's aimed at Brits who still want their MTV.



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