Fox/FreeWheel Expands Ad Serving Partnership

Fox Corp. and FreeWheel, the big Comcast owned ad-server, have expanded their existing deal to include dynamic ad insertion for addressable advertising inventory -- as well as new co-developed targeting for college football games on Fox Television Network.

The companies say the deal will allow advertisers to purchase more premium live sports inventory from Fox. Additionally, they say FreeWheel will become Fox’s “primary” ad-serving partner across the entire Fox OneFox video inventory portfolio. 

OneFox is the company’s cross-media inventory platform, where FreeWheel will manage programmatic inventory across content for Fox brands -- Fox News Media (Fox News Channel and Fox Business), Fox Sports, Fox Entertainment, and Tubi, the free ad-supported streaming service. 

Back in November 2022, Fox and FreeWheel announced a management ad-serving deal for work with OneFox. Two weeks before this initial Fox/FreeWheel deal, Fox Corp. inked a programmatic advertising with supply-side platform Magnite.



In April of this year, Fox Corp’s AdRise -- the ad technology platform for connected TV and linear TV ad inventory for its OneFox audience network -- expanded beyond its Tubi business to include all Fox-owned platforms: Fox Sports, Fox Entertainment, and Fox News Media.

AdRise was acquired as part of the deal Fox made to buy Tubi for $440 million in 2020. 

In March of this year, Fox announced longtime TV network advertising executive Jeff Lucas will take the top ad sales post at Tubi as its chief revenue officer.

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