Roku Frees Up First-Party Data For Demand-Side Platforms

In some groundbreaking news, Roku is now allowing its demand-side platform partners to have “equal access” to its first-party data that previously only advertising buyers had access to if they bought Roku inventory directly.

The streaming/CTV distributor of platforms says its Roku Exchange -- a TV streaming-first advertising technology effort -- is pegged to improve programmatic advertising inventory connection with advertiser demand.

Calling the move “democratizing access to RokuMedia”, Louqman Parampath, Roku's vice president, product management, says the tech effort will include “video and native ad formats across the ecosystem for all demand-side partners.”

The company hopes this will improve the effectiveness of Roku’s demand-side platforms such as The Trade Desk, Google Display & Video 360, and Yahoo DSP.



The Roku Exchange will offer audience-based opportunities on Roku Media ad placements, such as Marquee Ads on the home screen as well as on its “screensaver,” Roku City; programmatic access to TV streaming inventory and identity data; content "signals" from the Roku Channel and other premium TV streaming publishers; and AI optimization to maximize audience engagement.

The Exchange is responsible for supply integrations, fair auctions and ad decisioning, and is integrated with the large supply-side platform Magnite.

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