Ben & Jerry's First Major Brand Campaign Since 2016, 'Make Some Motherchunkin' Change"

Ben & Jerry’s has launched its first major brand campaign since 2016, with a focus rooted in the brand’s history of environmental and social advocacy.

“This campaign is directly connected to our long-standing advocacy work,” Jay Curley, Ben & Jerry’s global head of integrated marketing, said in a statement. ”The same values that underpin that work animates this campaign. The idea that we can use whatever platform, passion, or creativity we have to make progress in our communities. We use our ice cream company in our activism work, and we highlight artists and activists using their platform and power to create change in this campaign.”

Curley explained that the brand generally doesn’t run campaigns focused on the overall brand, with its campaigns in recent years instead focusing on new product initiatives (such as its non-dairy line), on flavor partnerships (such as with Ava DuVernay’s Light! Caramel! Action!); or highlighting the brand’s activism and advocacy work on specific issues.



“We felt now was the time for this specific campaign because as a society we’re facing big challenges and while that can feel daunting or cause people to feel disillusioned, we’re inspired by people who see it as an opportunity to create community and drive for collective change,” he added. “Artists and activists have always been at the forefront of social movements. We want to highlight how we all have an activist in us and a spark of creativity.”

The campaign calls on consumers to “‘Make Some Motherchunkin' Change” and features the work of many activists and artists who have worked with the brand previously, such as interdisciplinary artist and social justice activist Favianna Rodriguez and visual artist and activist Brandan “BMike” Odum.

At the center of the campaign is a “Make Some Motherhunkin’ Change” anthem ad, which exists both as a long-form video and as a 30-second ad.

The campaign will run across connected TV and online video platforms through September. It will also feature social media components, as well as an OOH component featuring numerous murals and wild postings in New York City and Los Angeles in June and July.

Today, the brand posted a Juneteenth message on its social channels that it was “fighting for the true end to slavery” and stating its support for an Abolition Amendment that would end a provision in the 13th amendment that provides an exception to its abolition of slavery or involuntary servitude.

The campaign happens to arrive during Pride Month, for which the brand doesn’t have a dedicated campaign, and does touch on LGBTQ+ activism and advocacy – including footage of  a rainbow-painted little library in response to book bans targeting LBGTQ+ content and authors.

“Ben & Jerry’s focuses our advocacy work more on campaign and movement needs more than annual calendar events like Pride Month,” Curley explained. “In this campaign, we feature a few artists and activists who have long worked for LGBTQ+ rights like Gilbert Baker who created the rainbow pride flag. It’s such a great example of how creativity helps move social movements forward.”

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