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How To Achieve Marketing Accountability

  • ANA Blogs, Thursday, February 23, 2006 12:45 PM
In the third installment of his ongoing series about reinventing marketing, Association of National Advertisers' president-CEO Bob Liodice addresses the accountability issue. He acknowledges that marketing as a business function is suspect in the minds of many top business leaders, and he says the reason is because companies fail to properly measure its impact. "For untold years, we have been using surrogate and soft measurements like awareness, instead of relevant measurements, like incremental sales impact and changes to brand equity," Liodice writes in his blog. "But the key is not just measuring the effectiveness of programs and then reporting those numbers to upper management. The key is to use those metrics for true 'decision-based management.'" In his essay, he offers three core platforms that will lead to enhanced accountability.



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