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New Frito-Lay Campaign Ties Chips To Sandwiches

Frito-Lay wants sandwiches and potato chips to become inseparable soul mates. That's more or less the main message in a new campaign from the snack food marketer that positions potato chips as the natural side dish to a sandwich. The effort includes TV advertising, point-of-sale, and a partnership with Sara Lee Food & Beverage, one of the leaders in the packaged bread and bakery category. "While sandwiches are the No.1 consumed entree at lunch and dinner in this country, more than 35 billion 'naked' sandwiches are eaten a year without potato chips," said Lora DeVuono, group vice president-brand marketing and advertising at Frito-Lay North America. Three new TV spots by BBDO in New York build the bond between potato chips and sandwiches and carry the "Lay's get your smile on" tagline. One of them, called "Soul Mates," features Isaac Hayes--who takes a "soulful look" at the relationship between a roast beef sandwich and Lay's Classic potato chips.



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