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Product Placements Now Appearing In Unexpected Places

Product placement in movies and TV programming is reaching new levels. Marketers know that product placement is one of the best ways to reach tech-savvy consumers whose digital video recorders let them zap through traditional commercials. Until now, the strategy has been used primarily for adult fare. But now major advertisers are getting their products in places people might not expect, such as animated films for kids, which advertisers used to consider off limits because of the clamor watchdog groups might raise about marketing to children. For example, this month "Curious George," a movie for young kids, opened in theaters nationwide with product placements for Volkswagen and Dole. Joel Epstein, a spokesman for Volkswagen, said the car was used in the film as part of a long-term agreement with NBC Universal Pictures. The studio also put the vehicle in "King Kong" and "Herbie: Fully Loaded."



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