Magazine Advertising Gains Pages and Dollars in March

Magazine Advertising Gains Pages and Dollars in March

According to the recent release from the Magazine Publishers of America, total magazine advertising reported rate card revenue for the month of March 2004 increased 6.7%, compared to March of last year. Year-to-date, rate card revenue closed at an increase of 7%, with ad pages showing a 2.3% decline at 48,191.71 versus last year.

Ellen Oppenheim, Executive Vice President/Chief Marketing Officer, MPA, said "We're seeing a shift in trends from the last couple of years. For example, the Financial, Insurance & Real Estate category, which has been greatly impacted by the struggling economy, registered an uptick in March and first quarter overall. Conversely, a different spending pattern appears to be emerging in 2004 for Automotive, which includes launches scheduled towards the latter part the year."

March 2004 vs. 2003 Seven of the 12 major advertising categories recorded both page and dollar gains in March.

2004 Dollars% Chg2004 Pages% Chg
Apparel & Accessories 202,195,69810.62,887.222.5
Automotive 190,805,2814.11,917.78-7.9
Toiletries & Cosmetics 149,376,18520.61,438.6210.9
Drugs & Remedies 141,549,432-15.61,288.62-16.3
Food & Food Products 137,412,71612.6977.232.7
Retail 128,801,83814.91,750.436.7
Home Furnishings & Supplies 119,171,5193.41,317.361.1
Direct Response Companies110,715,7264.01,583.96-7.7
Financial, Insurance & Real Estate 101,327,02425.61,108.4413.5
Media & Advertising97,698,72413.0926.901.7
Public Transportation, Hotels & Resorts92,951,13315.11,405.70-6.0
Technology 92,655,9090.61,046.86-4.0

January - March 2004 vs. 2003 Year-to-date, six of the 12 major advertising categories experienced an increase in both pages and revenues over March 2003.

2004 Dollars%Chg2004 Pages %Chg
Automotive 439,816,2063.04,262.88-9.8
Drugs & Remedies 380,401,146-3.13,328.04-8.4
Apparel & Accessories 354,400,18713.15,193.901.6
Toiletries & Cosmetics 347,756,21116.13,243.577.9
Food & Food Products 335,120,1697.22,328.570.1
Direct Response Companies 308,319,2965.14,328.49-5.1
Home Furnishings & Supplies 294,890,6305.13,153.26-0.1
Media & Advertising 265,061,49710.22,448.81-2.7
Technology 226,172,159-0.32,742.64-6.2
Retail 218,270,36411.72,980.631.4
Public Transportation, Hotels & Resorts 208,590,14720.53,208.251.7
Financial, Insurance & Real Estate 204,094,50611.72,344.801.8

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