OPA: One In Four View Web Video Weekly

One in four Web users watch online video at least weekly, while almost half of all Web users view online video at least once a month, according to a new study by the Online Publishers Association.

The study, based on a February survey of 1,241 Web users ages 12 to 64, concluded that watching videos online is becoming routine. Almost seven in 10 Web users--69 percent--told researchers they have viewed video online at least once, while 46 percent said they do so monthly, 24 percent weekly, and 5 percent daily.

Almost two-thirds--65 percent--of those who view Web video at least once a week are male; the average age of the weekly-plus viewers is 33; and 85 percent of that group has high-speed Internet access at home.

What do they watch? Entertainment and news are among the most popular offerings. Fifty-eight percent of those who watch online video view movie clips or trailers at least once a month; 57 percent watch humorous clips at least once a month; 56 percent of online video watchers say they view news and current events videos at least once a month; and 47 percent view music videos.

When asked what type of content they found most appealing, online video watchers said the most attractive content was video that could only be found online--and not TV, DVD, or other media. The study was conducted in partnership with Frank N. Magid Associates, Inc.



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