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Opinion: New Better Than Google

Walt Mossberg of The Wall Street Journal says the newly remade sports comparable search results to Google with a far better presentation. He says the new site is easy to use, and has several interesting features Google lacks, like previews of the sites it finds, top-of-the-screen answers to core information, and an easy way to broaden or narrow search results. Could unseat Google at the top of the search heap? Mossberg says yes, citing the unlikely run of George Mason past No. 1 seed Connecticut to the Final Four of the NCAA basketball tournament. He says the new is miles better than Ask Jeeves, a service he says he could never recommend because it was too cluttered with ads that were easily confused with actual search results. More often than not, the whole question-answer thing IAC pushed as its point of differentiation never really worked, either. All in all, Mossberg says the new provides a richer, more visual search experience with better ways to mine new information from your searches.

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