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Cadillac Hopes To Maintain Momentum With New Products

General Motors Corp.'s Cadillac division is launching a series of new products that it hopes will help it maintain the momentum it has achieved over the past five years. Much of the activity and much of the credit for the division's success revolve around the Escalade, which recently launched a new luxury SUV and which will introduce two new high-performance V-series editions this summer. Cadillac was in a downward spiral during the 1990s, but GM took a bold risk and invested billions in new product development. The bet paid off, and from 2001 the brand's U.S. sales rose steadily from around 170,000 to more than 235,000 last year. This revival occurred in the face of fierce opposition from primary luxury market rivals, including Lexus, BMW, Mercedes, Acura and Lincoln. In 2005, Cadillac ranked third in this list, behind BMW.



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