Skylist Upgrades E-mail Marketing Program

E-mail marketing firm Skylist today is expected to launch a revised version of its e-mail trafficking and tracking program. New features include a reputation monitor, updates to the application program interface, frequency capping, and more reporting options.

The main new feature is a central reputation tracker, which informs marketers about consumer complaints and potential violations of e-mail service providers' policies. The service collects data from Internet service providers as well as authentication services, including AOL, Microsoft, Spamcop, Habeas, Return Path, and Goodmail.

Baer said that e-mail marketers told the company they are concerned about protecting their reputation, as well as making sure their e-mails are delivered. "We're working on keeping up with authentication and reputation--issues that marketers are interested in but are continuously changing," said Josh Baer, CEO of Skylist.

Also key to reputation management is a new feature that allows centralized frequency caps across business units--ensuring that even if different departments are sending out e-mails to customers, each customer receives only a limited number of e-mails a week. The service also prioritizes certain e-mails--such as billing--over others, such as ad messages.



A Web-based version of the product, dubbed Stormpost 2.5, has been available for the last two months, but today's launch is the official release of the licensed, published-hosted version. The first publisher to license Stormpost 2.5 will be the New York Times Company's, which will use the program to send both content and advertising messages. began sending out e-mails to its registered users using the previous version of Stormpost. Chris Murdough,'s director of management and analytics, said the new version will help the site implement new features and content. "It's going to help us broaden our horizons, in terms of our latest e-mail products," he said. "The last year, we've been focusing 'on how do we build the list, build the list, build the list.'" sends about 12 million messages per month through Stormpost, Murdough said.

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