One-Bag Shoppers Rely on Local Print and Broadcast

One-Bag Shoppers Rely on Local Print and Broadcast

A collaborative consumer Shopper Mindset Survey by MARS and BIGresearch, among 5500 customers, found that almost 44% of relaxed shoppers reported that browsing up and down every aisles influenced purchase behavior versus 32% of hurried shoppers with a list and no time to browse.(The study compared two groups of shoppers: those shopping to relax and get away from the house, and those shopping to buy items requested by a family member. Retailers should note that

Shopping Trip Comparison by Shopper Mindset

Leisure Trip Relaxed Shoppers

Family Directed One Bag Special Purpose Shoppers

Good/Happy/Very Happy Mood






Major Categories Purchased

Apparel (42%), Entertainment/Electronics (36%)

Food (50%)

Beverage (38%)

Household Items (22%)

Top 3 Channels Shopped First

Discount (21%), Department (20%), Specialty Hard Lines (16%)

Discount (21%)

Grocery (23%)

Number of Stores Shopped

1 (41%), 2-3 (40%)

1 (70%)

Time of Day

10 a.m.-4:30 p.m. (64%)

4:30 p.m. and later (50%)

Top 4 In-Store Purchase Influences

Browsing the aisles (44%),

In-store Price Special (35%),

Special Displays (19%)

Used a List (7%)

Browsing the aisles (32%)

In-store Price Special (23%)

Special Displays (7%)

Used a List (33%)

Source: BIGResearch Mindset Survey, April 2006

Anne Howe, SVP, Market Intelligence of MARS, said "... relaxed, self-directed shoppers were willing to visit more stores, tended to buy items that are geared toward personal enjoyment and are influenced most by in-store activities versus the more "harried, on-a-mission" shoppers who are rushing to pick up a few items for the family on their way home from work."

Howe noted that drug stores did not register highly with family directed shoppers who were on a one-bag trip and went on to say "Since price and convenience continue to be the key drivers of store choice among these shoppers, this channel is notable by its absence... (and) could spell good news for grocery and discount retailers..."

Joe Pilotta, VP Research of BIGresearch, finding that media influencing purchasing decisions differ by group, said "Relaxed shoppers were more influenced by direct mail, billboards, Internet and e-mail advertising as well as in-store activity and promotions. Purposeful shoppers who plan their trips relied more on newspaper, newspaper inserts, broadcast and, surprisingly, radio."

For a sample free report of previous Mindset Survey findings, please go here.

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