CNN: Visitors Tolerate Online Video Ads

Visitors to tend to allow online video ads to play in their entirety, according to a new study conducted by the company's digital research unit.

For the study, examined video ads in three categories: financial services, telecommunications, and luxury cars. The study concluded that 99 percent of visitors to the site allowed the entire 30-second financial services ad to play, while 87 percent did so for telecom ads and 86 percent did so for luxury car ads.

But those figures reflect only the percentage of viewers that permitted an ad to play without shutting it off--not necessarily the proportion of visitors that actually watched the ad. The study also did not address the optimum length and positioning of video ads in relation to other video content--currently hot topics of debate.

CNN also conducted panel-based research into brand awareness and ad recall, concluding that combining video ads and banner ads boosted both brand perception and ad memory. Ninety-two percent of respondents exposed to financial services ads recalled them correctly when video was present, as did 87 percent of respondents shown car ads and 88 percent of those shown telecom ads.



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