'Broken Trail' Blazes New Ad Path For AMC: Ford's

Cable network AMC has broken the ice with one of the country's biggest advertisers. In a deal that includes the presenting sponsorship of upcoming mini-series "Broken Trail," Ford will advertise on AMC for the first time.

In addition to airing its new "bold moves" campaign during "Broken Trail," Ford's sponsorship includes integration into multi-platform promotions leading up to the two-night, four-hour production. The Ford brand will be attached to 30- and 60-second on-air spots, other tune-in promos, print ads, and a presence on AMCtv.com.

In this age of DVRs and ad-skipping, cable networks are increasingly crafting presenting sponsor opportunities for advertisers that offer exposure in pre-show promotions, allowing a marketer to link with programming beyond simply hitching their wagon to in-show spots. TNT has been particularly aggressive on that front recently, signing marketers to deals that include placement in extensive pre-show promotions for the premieres of new drama "Saved" and a Stephen King-themed limited series. (Unlike "Broken Trail," the TNT sponsorships include presenting the two premieres without commercials.)



"Broken Trail," which will air June 25 and 26, is a Western-style mini-series starring Robert Duvall. AMC, which carries the tagline "TV for Movie People" and has increasingly tried to add original programming to its line-up, is billing it as its "first-ever original movie."

Ford's deal with the network includes advertising in other programs after the mini-series completes its run.

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