TV Dinner

 Dinner in front of the TV isn't just for the home anymore. A study by the National Restaurant Association says that many eateries plan to add tableside TV and Internet access.

"Younger consumers are turning restaurants into America's family room," explains Hudson Riehle, senior vice president of research at the NRA. "Having home entertainment options available to them is an important part of their lifestyle."

The study shows that one in four people say they would watch a small TV while seated at their favorite table service restaurant, and 27 percent say they would have no problem cracking open their laptops if wireless Internet access was available.

In-dining media isn't just for quick-service and casual restaurants. "There has been a real casualization of fine dining in the past decade," remarks Riehle, noting that even "so-called 'upscale' restaurants may bring the TV to the tabletop."


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