Monster and Careerbuilder Leaders in Local Online Recruitment Revenue

  • May 17, 2004
Market research company Corzen released estimates of 2003 annual local online recruitment revenue that show Monster or leading in nearly all of the largest 100 US markets. Corzen's estimates are based on total job posting and resume database access revenues generated by the leading national online job boards and by leading local newspapers. Although local newspapers still generate substantially more recruitment category revenue in print than online, very few individual newspapers are generating online revenues that are close to the leading national online job boards. Monster's share of online revenues was highest in 19 of the top 20 US markets. Most significantly, revenues in the recruitment category are migrating faster from traditional print to online than in any other important advertising category. In 2000, online revenue represented only three percent of the total in recruitment advertising. The online share grew to close to 20 percent in 2003, and Corzen estimates that online recruitment revenues will surpass traditional print revenues in 2008.
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