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If The NYT Jumped Off A Cliff. . .

The New York Times deserves the most criticism for its disclosure of a secret taxpayer-funded program to monitor financial transactions, even though two other newspapers reported the same story at almost the same time, White House spokesman (and former Fox News operative) Tony Snow tells Editor & Publisher. But, he adds, the newspaper of record will keep its White House press credentials even as some right-wingers call for them to be yanked. Snow, along with his bosses, has attacked the Times for publishing the story despite administration efforts to spike it. He tells E&P that the paper deserves the most criticism because it "was way ahead of the other two and started [reporting on the story] much earlier. The other two were playing catch up." The Los Angeles Times and The Wall Street Journal reported the story--right on the heels of the Gray Lady. When reminded that the administration also asked the L.A. Times to hold the story, Snow sticks to his assertion:. "The other newspapers were not involved to the same extent," he added. "The Times is really pulling the train on this one." 



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