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Net Neutrality Amendment Fails

The latest "Net Neutrality" proposal failed in Washington yesterday, the Washington Post reports. The Senate Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee voted along party lines and was split 11-11, signaling that the so-called "Fight for the Internet's Future" has a long way to go. The House, meanwhile, had passed its own telecom bill earlier in the month, which included weaker net-neutrality language requiring FCC oversight. The Post points out that there's no evidence that telecom companies plan to charge Web site operators for faster delivery of their content to consumers, but that's precisely what net neutrality supporters fear will happen. Opponents of net neutrality point to the massive cost of upgrading the existing Web infrastructure; others say they don't want the government imposing more regulation on the Internet market. "We're attempting to legislate on a problem that doesn't exist, and potentially make other problems in the process," Sen. John Ensign (R-Nev.), an opponent of net neutrality, said. After yesterday's split vote, both sides of the debate claimed victory, but the Democrat-led net neutrality crusade clearly needs to amass more votes to get a bill passed.



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