Maxim, CBS To Share Content

Dennis Publishing men's magazine Maxim and CBS SportsLine have forged a deal to distribute each other's content online, the companies announced Thursday.

Maxim will provide comedic stories and clips, including humorous sports stories and video, to CBS SportsLine. The material will reside on SportsLine's Spin on Sports section, which offers a light take on the sports world. The section also will contain links directing visitors back to the home page.

For its part, CBS will provide real-time scores and news headlines, which will be linked from the Maxim page and lead back to CBS SportsLine.

Russell Kern, director of business development for Dennis Digital, said that sports content is particularly appealing to the young men who make up Maxim's key demographic group. He added that the CBS SportsLine brand increases the content's value. "The fact that it is SportsLine-branded elevates the level of authenticity of the information that's being provided."

No extra sponsorship opportunities come with the new content, Kern said.

He added that the deal is part of an overall plan to increase content partnerships at "In general, we're looking for strategic partners that can provide complementary content for our site," he said. "We're not going to take all comers, but we definitely will move to enhance or bolster our site content."



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