Mostly No Preference, But 1/4 of Women Prefer a Male Boss

Mostly No Preference, But 1/4 of Women Prefer a Male Boss

According to the Workplace Survey, conducted in May by publisher Vault Inc., women prefer to work for men rather than for other women. When asked if they would prefer a male or female boss, 28%, of the women picked a male boss rather than a female boss, though the majority of both the men and women surveyed had no preference. The survey is comprised of 518 responses from employees representing a variety of industries across the country, and is made up of 52% women and 48% men.

More men would rather work for men than women as well; 26% of men chose a male boss and 8% picked a female boss.

Although the majority of men and women had no gender preference on an associate to work with, the next choice for women was men, as 24% prefer male coworkers and only 11% prefer working with other women. Men's choices were more evenly split, with 17% choosing male coworkers and 16% choosing female coworkers.

CoFounder and CoPresident of Vault, Mark Oldman, stated, "Despite the significant strides made towards fostering equality in the workplace, our study indicates that gender (does) stereotype some of them..."

One of many important findings, notes the report, is that 77% of women agree that it is still difficult for women to get ahead in the workplace. Conversely, only 43% of men feel that it is still difficult for women to advance at the office. A majority of women, 56%, feel that at one time or another they have been disadvantaged in the workplace because of their gender, while 25% of men feel the same way.

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