FeedBurner Buys Blogbeat

FeedBurner, a company specializing in Internet feed management and tracking, has purchased blog analytics company Blogbeat.

Blogbeat's tools will be integrated into the FeedBurner site, and like FeedBurner's services, they will be available for free. Blogbeat's paying subscribers will receive full refunds from FeedBurner, said Steve Olechowski, co-founder and COO of FeedBurner. He added that the integration also will expose Blogbeat users to FeedBurner's online ad network, which reaches about eight million subscribers across twelve advertising channels.

Blogbeat tracks information about blog visitors, including their geographic information, detailed information about content read, and data about the search keywords that brought visitors to the site. Using feed data, Blogbeat also tracks which posts have been commented on most often.

Although FeedBurner has been primarily focused on providing Web analytics to publishers, the company is now considering extending services to media buyers and planners. "There's a growing trend of publishers wanting to be able to give advertisers and media planners very detailed specifics about their audience," Olechowski noted. "It's very conceivable that we can begin exposing some of this data to media planners and media buyers, to facilitate online buys--but obviously that's a choice we're going to leave up to publishers."

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