Titanic Changes

Despite all the fancy remote control buttons, figuring out what’s on TV isn’t getting any easier. So consumers are turning to online guides to decide what to watch. And where consumers go, ad dollars follow. They’re now following Decisionmark’s TitanTV, which is both an Internet digital video recorder that lets a computer receive the same programming as a TV set, and an online program guide.

Recently TitanTV incorporated advertising into its guide, working with Carat client Re/Max to sponsor home-, building-, and moving-related shows. The guide embeds advertisements into the listings grid and can also fire up a video ad in a player alongside the grid. The key is to pair advertisers with like-minded shows, such as an ad for a Philips high-definition TV in listings for shows in HD. About 650,000 consumers currently use TitanTV, says Jack Perry, CEO of DecisionMark.

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