Americans Read Internet News Without Reducing Use of Other Media

Americans Read Internet News Without Reducing Use of Other Media

A nationwide Harris Poll reveals that 26% of people who go online for news say that this use of the Internet reduces their use of other media such as television, newspapers, news magazines and the radio. But most (57%) say that it does not change their use of other news media, while 13% say that it changes their use of other media but doesn't reduce it.

Leo Bogart, a media research expert, said "Many of those who go online believe that this has cut into the time they spend with newspapers and TV news, but the typical Internet user checks the news only once a day for a total of an hour a week. When a big story is breaking and people are eager to learn the latest developments, they'll get the bulletins fast on the Internet. That may make them all the more interested in the full details they can check out elsewhere."

Types Of News People Have Gone Online For In Last Seven Days

 % of All Adults Online
The weather60
National news56
International news44
Local news about my home town or community36
News about movies or television31
Sports news31
Business and financial news27
News of my home state26
News about elections, candidates or politicians23
News about movie or television stars16
News about sports personalities10
Have not gone online for any news in the last seven days20

What People Read (And Do) Who Go Online For News

% On A Typical Day% When Major Event Has Occurred
Just read the headlines154
Read a paragraph or two4018
Read a page or more4578

Effect Of Online Activity On Of Other Media Use
(% of those online for any kind of news in the last week)

It doesn't change my use of other media57
It reduces my use of other media26
It changes my use of other media but doesn't reduce it13
Not sure4

Media Used Less Because Of Online Activity (of the 26% for whom it does reduce)


Time Spent Each Weekday Reading Newspapers Or News Magazines
% Reading Newspapers or News Magazines

1 - 15 minutes25
16 - 30 minutes24
31 minutes to 1 hour21
More than 1 hour11

Base: All adults online (69% of U.S. adults)

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