Flash or Rich Media Interstitial or Over-Page Unit Finalists

Whether it's floating objects, animated characters breaking through the page, or imagery unspooling over the page, these formats defy convention.

Buena Vista Pictures Marketing

Walt Disney Pictures/"Chicken Little" 

Jay Williams, Jack Pan, Executive Producers; Susan Lambert, Justin Pertschuk, Producers; Rex Cook, Executive Creative Director; Laura Primack, Senior Art Director/Producer; Paul Novoa, Art Director; Ogy Durham, Senior Designer; Aaron Buchanan, Senior Flash Developer; James Safechuck, Designer; Aki Narita, Designer

"Chicken Little" was the first Buena Vista campaign to use Disney's proprietary ticketing application, driving showtime look-ups and ticket sales directly from the ad.

The campaign had dual creative directives: to entice young and adult audiences to theaters. For kids, the campaign drew on the appeal of Chicken Little and his quirky gang of friends in "meet the characters"-style Flash ads and games that could be played in the ad.

Adults were introduced to Chicken Little, the hero: a fearless and sophisticated protector of animal-kind, bent on saving all animals from an impending alien invasion.

The appealing creative and innovative ticketing function helped the movie achieve a $40 million opening weekend.

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Organic, Inc.

20th Century Fox Theatrical/ "X-men: The Last Stand" 

Guthrie Dolin, Group Creative Director; Jacob Ford, Manager, Creative; Allen Arguas, Maria Tyomkina, Senior Contributors, Creative; Lori Dicker, Director, Engagement Management; Chris Chavkin, Engagement Manager; Kim Spiegelberg, Media Supervisor; Peter Koo, Media Manager

Organic needed a way to grab the attention of the legions of X-Men fans and excite them about an upcoming movie, "X-Men: The Last Stand."

The agency led users to the movie's Web site by enlisting Marvel Comics' favorite mutant outcast, Wolverine. In the overlay, the iconic mutant appears to slash through the page, a thrilling sight for devoted and casual fans alike. The ad generated a 49 percent increase over the mean click-through rate, and full-play rates were 40 percent above average.  The movie had the highest-grossing Memorial Day opening ever. Globally, it raked in some $440 million.

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Real Branding

Cîroc Vodka 

Jason Bucky, Creative Director; Mike Zientara, Associate Creative Director; Kevin Lee, Art Director; Thomas Lanaux, Senior Designer; Derek Richmond,  Director of Project Management; Alex Flores, Senior Account Manager; Megan Johnson, Account Executive

With a budget considerably less than those of super-premium vodka brands such as Absolut and Grey Goose, Real Branding's program for Cîroc still managed to blow away the competition. The visually luscious creative let users browse and print recipes in-banner while telling them about Cîroc's history and value. The look and feel reinforced the brand's position as elegant, distinctive, and high quality.

The ad achieved an interaction rate of 19.3 percent, 543 percent above the industry norm. The interactive expandable and over-the-page units pushed the creative envelope and brought users content that other brands simply didn't deliver. The over-the-page ad unit delivered a close tie-in with Cîroc's offline efforts, which were brought to life by the eye-catching over-the-page ad.

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