Rich Media Campaign Finalists

A catchall category that extends to multiple interactive ad formats and technologies.

Deep Focus

HBO/"The Sopranos"

Sal DellAquilla, Designer; Sabrina Caluori, Account Director; Dan McNeil, Developer

Deep Focus had to create an online campaign for the sixth season of HBO's "The Sopranos" after a hiatus of nearly two years. The agency kicked off the campaign with a sponsorship of AOL's Super Bowl gallery the day following the game.

The centerpiece of the campaign was a Google Maps mash-up, showing the locations of various plot points in the series over the past five years. Visitors who clicked on map icons were shown a video clip from the episode that took place at that location. For instance, clicking on an icon near Hoboken, N.J., the site of Johnny Sack's Social Club, triggered a clip from Episode No. 64, "Long Term Parking."

More than 250,000 people used the maps in the 10 days prior to the season premiere, with interaction rates reaching almost 20 percent. The Tony Sirico video for AOL was viewed by more than 4 million people in one week, leading to more than 100,000 full streams of the Season Six trailer, "Crime. Organized."

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Organic, Inc.

20th Century Fox Theatrical & 20th Century Fox International/"Ice Age: The Meltdown"

Guthrie Dolin, Group Creative Director; Jacob Ford, Associate Creative Director; Jennifer Furman, Art Director; Maria Tyomkina, Designer; Matt Rosenberg, Account Director; Chris Chavkin, Engagement Manager; Kim Spiegelberg, Media Supervisor; Ashlee Cooper, Media Planner

Banner ads for "Ice Age: The Meltdown" included an overlay custom built for the Yahoo home page, as well as one for the Yahoo instant-messenger application. Organic also created two in-banner game units featuring the movie's Scrat character. One game featured Scrat sliding down the ice as obstacles appeared. Users had to move their cursor to help Scrat evade collision. For another game, "Aquaplay," visitors helped Scrat push acorns to a shelf and were rewarded with a look at limited-release movie trailer.

Click-through rates and play rates were higher than average for a rich media campaign, according to Organic. The film's domestic release set a three-day opening weekend record for both that specific weekend and the animation genre. Internationally, it grossed $450 million and domestically $194 million.

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Organic, Inc.

Warner Bros. International/"Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire"

Organic: Christian Haas, Group Creative Director; Jacob Ford, Associate Creative Director; Jennifer Furman, Art Director; Kelley Barry, Senior Designer; Aaron Clinger and Scott Runcorn, Flash Developers; Rich Larm, 3-D Developer; Matt Rosenberg, Account Director

Warner Bros. International: Rossanna Wang, Client Representative

To promote "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire," the fourth installment in the franchise based on J.K. Rowling's bestselling books, Organic created a series of banner ads with content designed to speak to hard-core fans as well as those who don't know a Muggle from a Death Eater. Some banners featured glamour shots of well-known characters, like Hermione, next to lesser-known players, like Krum.

Banners also featured scenes from the film's "Triwizard Tournament." One offered video of Harry swimming as he competes in the "underwater task," while another showed him wrestling with a dragon. The banners included links to a site where visitors could view a trailer for the film, which opened last November. The campaign successfully whetted fans' appetite for the contents of this magical "Goblet."

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