Mobile or Wireless Campaign Finalists

It makes perfect sense to reach consumers on a personal device they're glued to all day; the best campaigns find irresistible methods of engagement.



Enpocket: Jeremy Wright, Co-founder; Sarah Nissen, Lead Account Director

Vodafone UK: Dominic Chambers, Head of Brand Marketing and Communications; Daragh Persse, Head of Sponsorship & Media; Angela Jones, Brand Communications Manager; Clare Jones-Leake, Sponsorship Marketing Manager

For Vodafone, Enpocket created "TBA," a promotion touting Vodafone Live's mobile content portal with live music promotions. "TBA" offered six secret concerts, the locations of which were announced days  or hours  before showtime via SMS. Tickets to the secret concerts could be won by purchasing MP3s, videos, and ringtones from Vodafone Live. The concerts were broadcast on Vodafone's Mobile TV. Customers could enter a drawing to win tickets by downloading music tracks and realtones from Vodafone Live. Sales revenues from products sold on Vodafone Live via the concerts increased by 10 percent. 

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Discovery Channel

Discovery: Chris Disharoon-Adams, Marketing Manager; Susan Eisenreich, Media Manager

PHD: Anita Cheung, Media Supervisor, Interactive; Beth Wardrope, Interactive Media Buyer; Beth Mach, Associate Media Director, Interactive

To promote the season premiere of "I Shouldn't Be Alive," Discovery Channel placed people in virtual life-threatening situations via text messages with hypothetical scenarios that consumers had to solve to "stay alive." Users could opt into a contest by texting "alive" after viewing outdoor ads or TV spots, or by clicking on online banners. Text messages sent to consumers reminded them to tune in to the show.


Carl's Jr.

Justin Bain, Producer; Dustin Callif, Managing Director; Cosmo Jones, Creative Director; Jordan Schatz, Copywriter; Joe Gray, Animator; Chris Sessions, Technical Director; Sergio Bayona , Programmer; Seth Engelhard, Programmer

To promote its Six Dollar Burger, Carl's Jr. jumped on the user-generated-content bandwagon, inviting consumers to submit pictures via mobile phone to vie for the title of "Burger Slayer of the Month." After uploading, users visited a micro-site and voted for their favorite "slayer." They could also send pictures to friends. Spacedog partnered with Ipsh on the backend of the microsite to offer age verification and SMS-to-e-mail photo forwarding. The campaign was promoted on Yahoo, MySpace, and Flickr, in-store, and in e-mail blasts to Carl's Jr. database members.

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