Home Page Takeover/Sponsorships Finalists

Ads using this bold platform force consumers to pay attention but shouldn't bully them.


Estée Lauder/Pleasures

Molly Baldwin, Director of Creative Services

At once unobtrusive and unavoidable, Estée Lauder's takeover of practically defined promotional synergy. CondéNet took advantage of the site's post-Oscar traffic boost, creating a campaign that merged Estée Lauder Pleasures with the Oscars ceremony using graceful spotlight imagery. Red-carpet sponsorship and ad images of celebrity style icon Gwyneth Paltrow reinforced the glamorous aura of the Pleasures fragrance. CondéNet reimagined Estée Lauder as a celebrity itself and established omnipresence without being obnoxious.

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20th Century Fox - Theatrical/"Ice Age: The Meltdown" - Yahoo Frontpage

Contacts Media: Kim Spiegelberg, Ashlee Cooper; Contacts Creative, Jacob Ford; Contacts Engagement Managers: Lori Dicker, Chris Chavkin

It's probably the size of Organic's ad in its takeover of Yahoo that makes it so impressive. It starts small and unassuming, but becomes something more and more daring as the manic squirrel from Fox's "Ice Age" rushes out onto the home page to grasp that elusive acorn.

The execution cleverly engaged the audience by reviving everyone's favorite "Ice Age" character and using him as a lead-in to the second movie. This built awareness for the feature and promised the audience more of the humor that made the first movie such a success.

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Warner Bros./"Poseidon"

Jean Yap, Designer, Animator; Mark Branton, 3-D Animator; Preston Goforth, Flash Developer

Clever placement of these banner ads let viewers feel like they were peering inside a giant aquarium. But more significant was the ad's irresistible invitation to "sink the page" by pressing a button. What happens next? The page appears to crack like glass, allowing the water in the banner ads to inundate the content, submerging it entirely. Users could click on leaks to close them, but others quickly opened up, mimicking the movie's main event.

This undeniably cool ad had terrific replay value and a beautiful technical execution.

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