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Marie Callender's Launches Campaign For Crock Pot Offerings

ConAgra Foods is breaking an integrated campaign today for a new line of crock-pot meals and soups under the Marie Callender's brand. It hopes to duplicate the success of its Banquet Crock-Pot Classics, which posted $100 million in sales within one year of its introduction in 2004 and garnered a spot in Pacesetters, IRI's top-selling 10 products of 2005. Crock-Pot meals are enjoying resurgence for the one-pot, self-cooking convenience they offer. Time-constrained consumers assemble the ingredients in the Crock-Pot, set the timer and walk away. Where Banquet's value-priced equity is intended to appeal to with its variety of flavors and tastes, Marie Callender's consumers typically are empty nesters or other adults with a nostalgic penchant for the foods their grandmothers cooked, who can afford the premium price. For example, the suggested retail price for Banquet is $5.99; Marie Callender's version is $7.99. A 30-second TV spot asks: "Remember all the love in your Grandma's cooking? We do." A print execution breaks next month through March 2007 in women's and home magazines, and FSIs in local newspapers and in-store coupons will support the advertising.



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