Ask The E-mail Diva: Generating Interest

Dear E-mail Diva,

How can our company offer an e-mail opt-in (through our Web site) when all we are trying to do is build an interest in a twice-a-year fashion trade show? We don't sell a product, just an interest. Any ideas on how we can direct this towards possible future exhibitors as well as prospective attendees?
John Bruce
Website/E-Marketing Coordinator
MAGIC International

Dear John,

Your Web site shows that this is an easy problem to solve. You have a wealth of information to share, a natural timetable and an audience that can be easily segmented to deliver targeted and preferred content. We should all have it so good!

With a successful show like yours, participants want to attend but won't bother to check your site periodically for the next show date. Offer to send a notice when online registration is available, plus show information and services, special offers and celebrity and entertainment announcements.



Create a program so compelling you can promote it on your own site as well as other industry sites.

Develop a timetable so that interest and contact builds as the show date draws closer. Start with high value content and exclusive digital "goodies" to keep opt-ins interested throughout the series.

Allow opt-ins to identify themselves and select content preferences. Some options for segmentation are:

Type of Attendee: Buyer, Exhibitor, Other
Line: Men's, Women's, Children's
City and Country of origin
Interest in Travel Services/Offers
Interest in Las Vegas Tourist Information/Offers

You can share advertising plans and VIP opportunities with exhibitors, announce new seminars to attendees and offer translation services to international travelers. In addition to meeting segment preferences, you can deliver serious content, such as your PreShow Marketing Guide, and lighthearted inside scoop, like planned celebrity appearances and entertainment announcements.

Those who register during the course of the e-mail series could receive special offers to share with colleagues, while those who don't register would see show benefits and a call to action.

By delivering timely, targeted, valuable information to potential and registered participants, and promoting your e-mail program on your site and others, you will definitely generate interest in your fashion trade show.

Good luck!

The E-mail Diva

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