America Online Makes Improvements To AOL Journals

  • April 27, 2004
America Online has made enhancements to AOL Journals, a blogging tool that makes it simple for members to share thoughts, photos and much more online with friends, family and others on the Internet. Private AOL Journals let members choose a specific list of people with whom to share their Journal, whether it is an online diary, a family journal, a new baby blog, a travelogue or any other kind of Journal intended for a select audience. Also, Journals readers now can get automatic notifications anytime, anywhere via an online alert, e-mail or as a text message on a wireless phone or pager when their favorite Journals are updated.

Also, America Online Latin America, Inc. announced that Donna Hrinak, U.S. Ambassador to Brazil, has been nominated for election to its board of directors. Hrinak will stand for election to the board at AOL Latin America's annual stockholders' meeting on June 23, 2004. If elected, she would begin her board term on July 1, 2004, after she has retired from her post as U.S. ambassador.

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