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Yahoo Rejects Google Book Appeal

Google has requested information from Yahoo and Amazon about their respective efforts to create digital copies of books, as the search giant forages ahead to digitize the world's book content-with or without the permission of copyright holders.

Not surprisingly, both Yahoo and Amazon have rebuffed Google's request. Basically, they rebuked the search giant for brazenly attempting to pry into their trade secrets.

Google takes the stance that it would be good for progress and, thus, good for the public, if it knew more about the similar projects of Yahoo and Amazon. The Mountain View, Calif., outfit has subpoenaed both Amazon and Yahoo for its case against a group of publishers and the Authors Guild over its plan to digitize their copyrighted content.

Yahoo, by the way, is working with Microsoft, alongside businesses and libraries, to create a digital database of books. Amazon is scanning books so consumers can read excerpts before they decide to buy.

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