Pheedo: RSS Auto Feeds Surge 500% Since July

  • December 20, 2006
Car enthusiasts are fast becoming RSS enthusiasts, according to a new report by RSS ad network Pheedo. Feeds in the car category have grown more than 500% from July through November, while RSS feeds in other categories tend to grow at just 7% a month, according to Pheedo's latest "Pheed Read" report. For this report, Pheedo focused specifically on feeds in the car category. The vast majority of auto publishers--63%--offer feeds with summaries of stories; such feeds garner click-through rates of 15%. Thirty-seven percent of auto publishers just offer headlines in their feeds, which generate a click-through rate of 33%. The top reader across automotive publishers was Yahoo (52%), followed by Firefox (18%) and Bloglines (7%).
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