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Google In-Stream Test Hints At Video Ad Network

  • Adweek, Thursday, December 28, 2006 10:45 AM
Google has begun testing a new in-stream video advertising system, running 15-second commercials for Allstate that appear after video content on a site called, which produces video interviews with broadband video executives.

A Google rep said the spots are a continuation of an earlier in-stream test of in-stream video spots that appeared after video created by Eepybird, the folks behind the Diet Coke-Mentos viral video series.

In theory, Google would include YouTube and its AdSense Web publishers in a larger in-stream video network. While YouTube has said it is not interested in pre and post-roll ads, the companies are said to be working on some kind of targeting system that would personalize video- marketing messages for each user. Earlier in the year, the search giant announced a separate partnership with Viacom, enabling AdSense partners to distribute Viacom content using its Google Video platform. wouldn't discuss the financial arrangements of the ad deal, but the company's president said the Allstate commercials were sold at a $15 CPM, with the money split between Google and Yahoo. receives about 1,000 visitors per day.

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