JupiterResearch Releases Can-Spam Study Results

  • April 20, 2004
JupiterResearch announced that its new research entitled "Complying with Can-Spam: Optimizing E-mail Practices to Mitigate Risks" finds that more than one-third of e-mail marketing offers tracked by JupiterResearch are not compliant with the federal Can-Spam Act. In the March report JupiterResearch tracked more than fifty leading e-mail marketers in a variety of industries including retail, travel, media and financial services to measure how well these notable companies complied with the new federal Can-Spam Act. While the majority provided a working opt-out mechanism, the research found that many marketers are challenged to meet the finer points of the federal law. Only 64% of the commercial electronic mail messages tracked included the street address of the sender, which is required by the law. Nearly one-quarter of marketers continued to send e-mail marketing messages after opt-outs were submitted and 16% sent messages after the legally prescribed 10-business-day period.
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