Coke Jury To See Secret Documents

  • January 26, 2007
Coca-Cola is counting on a promise made by the jury in the secret-stealing case to stay mum about its secrets.

Yesterday, Coke agreed to allow the introduction of documents it considers private. They will be sealed from public view but the jury will see them and be under orders to never disclose their contents.

Ironically, the jury is to consider whether the defendant, Joya Williams, once secretary to Coke's trademark chief, stole secret information and tried to sell it to Coke rival Pepsi.

Testimony resumed yesterday with Vice President of the Coca Cola trademark, Javier Sanchez, on the stand. On Wednesday, attorneys for Coca Cola had tried to keep hundreds of Coke's corporate documents out of the trial. He testified about the company documents and reports that he said Williams was copying and taking home with her.

Sanchez testified that there was no reason, work-related or otherwise, for Williams to have been doing that. -- Nina M. Lentini



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