Men 18 to 34 Years Old Are Key Online Video Viewers

Men 18 to 34 Years Old Are Key Online Video Viewers

New consumer research, Emerging Video Services, from Leichtman Research Group, found that 4% of all adults over age 18 in the United States watch video online at home daily and an additional 14% at least once a week. Comparatively, 93% of adults spend at least one hour a day, on average, watching TV. While total online video usage has increased in the past year, the percentage of adults watching online video remains relatively unchanged.

Key findings of the study, based on a survey of 1,250 households nationwide, include:

  • Men aged 18-34 account for 41% of those who view video online on a daily basis, while comprising just 14% of the online subscribers sample
  • Men aged 18-34 account for over two-thirds of adults who view YouTube and other user-generated content daily
  • Just 8% of those who watch video online strongly agree that they now watch TV less often

Bruce Leichtman, President of Leichtman Research Group, says "As with most forms of media and entertainment, online video is following the traditional 'heavy hand' model of a minority of users driving the majority of the usage. Rather than replacing TV, in the near-term, emerging video services like online video are best viewed as opportunities to complement and augment traditional TV viewing options."

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