After Five Years Of Reality, MTV Reaches For A Script Again

Imagine any network being characterized this way: "Faced with mediocre ratings for a number of its reality shows, [the network] has greenlit its first scripted series in five years."

How could a network not attempt a scripted show? Are they just lazy? Are they just too cool? Are they cheap?

Maybe. The missing name of the network in that introductory quote -- from a story in Daily Variety -- is none other than MTV.

One can understand how young audiences have been less interested in scripted programming -- too passé, not cool, and not real enough. Still, everyone needs to take creative shots. MTV viewers - - a savvy lot -- must be bored with so much reality right now.

But of course that isn't the only consideration. Consider the executive shakeup at MTV over the last several months -- as well as the coming layoffs. Also, consider there has been little buzz of late from any of its existing reality shows, "Punk'd," "Newlyweds," "Pimp My Ride," and "Laguna Beach."



No doubt MTV executives needed to face the music -- especially under Lois Curren, the newly promoted MTV president of entertainment and programming.

That why MTV will take a shot with a half-hour drama "Kaya," which focuses on the problems faced by a teenage girl when she and her band become rock stars. The show could debut in the fall.

MTV is changing -- but it is not straying too far. "Kaya" focuses on a girl, a band, and rock star aspirations. One of the last scripted MTV shows was "2Gether," which followed the trials of a fictional boy band.

MTV shows that it goes with what it knows. Thankfully, it's not doing a procedural crime drama or a medical show. But we probably shouldn't have to wait five years for another scripted show about a band.

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